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Integrity based on innovation Zhiyuan

Continuously deepen reform, innovate mechanisms, adapt to the market and promote development

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Professional team driving innovation

The business team should not only need the results, but also cultivate everyone's learning spirit and open mind.

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Exquisite craftsmanship throughout the quality

Continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, so that enterprises in the development of a good social image

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Quality service customer first

Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guidance and business negotiation, we will serve you wholeheartedly!


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Wenzhou deep blue valve was established in 2012, is a self-employed. Wenzhou deep blue valve legal person is Zhang Jin, the main face like the national market. Customer base for machinery, hardware, construction and so on. The number of employees is 52, and the company's business model is production and processing, which continuously improves the core competitiveness of the company and enables the company to establish a good social image in the development. Main scope: gate valve, globe valve, quick connector, check valve, threaded pipe fittings, meteor control valve, joint, globe valve, gate valve. The company will always adhere to the "reliable quality, reputation first" purpose...

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Precautions for selecting corrosion-resistant pumps


The anti-corrosion pump should reasonably determine basic parameters such as pump flow and head based on the process summary. Usually, normal wear and speed changes of the pump are considered, which may lead to a decrease in lift. Therefore, when selecting a pump, the lift of the pump can have a margin of 2% to 5%.

How does a threaded check valve work


Thread check valve refers to a valve that automatically opens and closes the valve disc by relying on the flow of the medium itself to prevent medium backflow. It is also known as a check valve, one-way valve, backflow valve, and backpressure valve. The threaded check valve is an automatic valve that mainly functions to prevent medium backflow, prevent pump and drive motor reverse rotation, and discharge the container medium. The threaded check valve can also be used to supply pipelines to auxiliary systems where the pressure may rise above the system pressure. Thread check valves can be mainly divided into swing type thread check valves (rotating according to the center of gravity) and lift type thread check valves (moving along the axis).

Introduction to the classification of threaded fittings


Types of threaded fittings: a. Screw thread is a type of connection, where the connection is threaded. b. Screw thread fittings are divided into two categories: inner thread and outer thread c. Thread and threaded pipe fittings have the same meaning and are named differently.