2020 Rat Year Lucky

1、 The Chinese New Year arrives, with good luck shining. Worry things lean aside, love nourishes without worries, and money keeps running home; When you go out and meet a noble person, listen to good news at home. Every year, there is a time, and every year, there is a present. Wishing you better every year!
2、 Laugh with joy, shake the fan with joy; Auspiciousness brings auspiciousness, and good luck keeps turning; Peace guarantees peace, health bestows blessings and longevity; Happiness is endless, wealth rushes into the clouds; Friends come to bless, adding more flowers to the brocade: Wishing you a happy Spring Festival and a healthier life!
3、 Joyful and festive until the New Year, with bright red as the main color, bustling life, and red lanterns and Spring Festival couplets. The door god wears a red robe to guard the door, only happiness can enter, and bad luck and troubles can be dispelled. It is not auspicious to stand aside. Wishing you a happy Spring Festival, good luck around you, the God of Wealth with you, and happiness throughout the year!