Three Correct Selection Methods for Quick Couplers

About the Correct Selection of Quick Couplers
1. Determine the joint based on the type and temperature of the fluid. The type and temperature of the fluid have a significant impact on the quality of the joint, so the selection should be tailored to local conditions. If the fluid is air, a quick coupling made of steel can be used. If the fluid is liquid, a quick coupling made of brass or stainless steel can be used.
2. Select appropriate joints based on the pressure of the fluid. The pressure of the fluid is also the key to selecting a stainless steel quick connector, and the pressure resistance of different structures of the connector varies.
Correct usage of quick connectors
1. Conditions. The humidity, dust, and corrosiveness of the working environment have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the joint. Before use, we should combine the types, body materials, sealing materials, and other characteristics of stainless steel quick connectors to select appropriate quick connectors.
2. Installation. The model of the joint should be determined based on the size of the fluid flow, and corresponding shapes and sizes of piping should also be equipped. Confirm that the thread of the selected quick connector link should be consistent. When different brands of connectors appear during use, it is best to use the same brand of female and male connectors together. If cross use is necessary, it is necessary to consult the technical personnel of the product supplier before operation, and use it after confirmation.
3. Use. The quick connector should not exceed the maximum operating pressure limit under working conditions, and the temperature, humidity, and corrosiveness of the working environment should also be controlled within the range of use. Do not deliberately damage the quick connector. For problematic connectors, seek professional technicians to repair them in a timely manner and do not disassemble them at will.