Market scale of pneumatic welded hard sealed butterfly valves in 2019

Welding the stop valve and pipeline connection welding structure. The sealing surface is not easily worn, wear-resistant, has good sealing performance, and has a long service life. Compact structure, good opening and closing performance, small height, and convenient maintenance. Suitable for water, steam, and oil pipelines, with high temperature and pressure resistance characteristics.
Selection principle
1. High temperature and high-pressure pipeline media or equipment with shut-off valves should be used. High temperature and high-pressure pipelines for thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, and petrochemical systems.
2. Strict requirements for diffusion resistance pipeline pipelines. That is, pressure loss is not considered.
3. Selection of small needle valves, instrument valves, sampling valves, and pressure gauge valves.
4. Flow regulator or pressure regulator, but the accuracy requirement for adjustment is not high, and the diameter of the pipe is relatively small. If the nominal diameter passing through the pipe is ≤ 50 mm, it should be selected.
5. For the production of small and large fertilizers in the synthetic fertilizer industry, high-pressure angle globe valves or high-pressure throttling angles with a nominal pressure of 16MPa for PN160 or 32MPa for PN320 should be used.
6. In the Bayer process alumina production workshop, desilication is carried out for pipelines that are prone to coking, making it convenient to choose separate parts. The valve seat is located in a hard alloy sealed DC stop valve or DC throttle.
7. Water supply and heating engineering, through small pipes, selection of shutdown, balance valves or plunger valves, nominal urban construction, such as pipelines with a nominal diameter less than 150mm.